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Power Wheelchair Rental Service



Maximum Weight Capacity: 100 kg
Overall Wheelchair Weight: 30 kg
Rang: 25 km
Speed: 1 km/h - 6 km/h
Climbing angle: ≦ 8


Payment conditions:

1. Every wheelchair should be paid a deposit of $4,000.  Monthly rental fee is $2,500

2. Rent more than 3 months can enjoy a discounted rent of $2,000 from the 4th month.  

3. Single payment of more than three month can enjoy a discount of $ 500 (i.e. HK$2,000 per month) every month. No refund for already paid fee.

4. Shortest rental period should be a month. Paid rents can’t be refund. Customer can extend the rental period if needed.  

5. Delivery services will be charged with shipping fee vary from different districts.

6. Bring address certificate, Hong Kong ID card for registration

7. We accept only cash payment, no credit card payment

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