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How to Use a Wheelchair

Fold a Wheelchair  Unfolder a wheelchair  Steps of Sitting Down

Foot Support  Strip   Go Up or Down a Slope   Cross a Doorsill


Folder a Wheelchair - 1. Stand on its side and lift up its seat to fold. 2. Pull both armrests together to completely fold a wheelchair.


Unfolder a wheelchair - 1. Stand on its side and separate its armrests. 2. Push the edge of seat down to unfold a wheelchair.


Steps of Sitting down - 1. Firstly, lock the manual brake to prevent the wheelchair from moving.

2. Secondly, flip up the footrests so it will not be an obstacle to the users.
3. Thirdly, move the user into wheelchair and replace the footrest.
4. Fourthly, unlock the brake and start moving the wheelchair.


Foot Support Strip - 1. Foot support can keep user feet in the right position, in avoid of falling down to the floor.


Go Up or down a Slope - 1. Keep the gravity center forward when going up a slope. 2. Lean backward and hold the rear wheel rail tightly when going down a slope. Keep gravity backward to avoid wheelchair overturn.


Cross Doorsill - Help could step upon the back footrest to lift the front rear, in order to move a cross the doorsill. Be cautious not to lift too high to frighten the user.

2. Helper could assist user cross the doorsill by rear wheel. It is more energy-saving and stable than crossing with the front wheel.

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