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How to Choose Wheelchairs

   Seat Height             Seat Depth         Seat Width              Rear Wheel Size                Armrest Height               Bed Transfer                 Wheelchair Rollator


Seat Height - 1. If the seat is too low, it will put all pressure on users bottom, which affects blood circulation and increase the chance of pressure sore. 2. If the seat is too high, users' feet have to hang in the air. It will cause crus strain.


Seat Depth - Deep seat will abrade users skin and affect blood circulation.


Seat Width - 1. If the seat is too narrow or too wide, it will bring discomfort, or even injury to users. 2. Narrow seat will influence blood circulation. Wide seat will cost extra strength, eventually leads to muscle strain.


Rear Wheel Size - 1. Wheelchairs with small rear wheels are lighter than those with large rear wheels, whereas they need to be used with assistance. 2. Wheelchairs with large rear wheels would be user be users alone.


Armrest Height - If the armrest is too high, the user will have to lift his/her arm, which easily causes tiredness.


Bed Transfer - When assist users to move over bed, we suggest helper to remove the footrest to leave more space.

If the users need to move over bed, we suggest them to remove the armrests for their convenience.

With detachable armrest and footrest, it is easier for bed transfer.


Wheelchair Rollator - Regular wheelchairs could not be used as rollators due to gravity reasons. Some special designed wheelchairs could fold its backrest to become a rollator.

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