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Wheelchair Donation Campaign


Some elder/disabled people couldn’t afford decent wheelchairs, therefore could only use very old ones, which leads to safety problems.

In the meanwhile, many kindhearted Hong Kongers want to give a hand to them, whereas couldn’t find appropriate channels.

In regard of this situation, Cyber China Wheelchair Company decided to launch the Wheelchair Donation Plan

No matter if you want to donate your old wheelchairs, or purchase a new one for donation purpose, we ensure your kind help will certainly be transferred to ones who need it.

We welcome rehabilitative medical institutes, social welfare agencies or social workers to call us for inquiry.

1. Gift your old wheelchair

·         We provide free shipping to transfer your old wheelchair to those people in need of it (The old wheelchair should function well)

·         Everyone who donates an old wheelchair will have opportunities to participate in the product redemption activity

2. Purchase new for donation

·         You can also buy a new one to donate elderly house or other volunteer institutions

·         We provide free shipping for your donation

·         The donation will be done under your name

Below are Thank-You letters from some of the elderly houses (names in Chinese):



松齡護理安老院 1

松齡護理安老院 2

基督教家庭服務中心 彩盈長者日間護理中心

香港聖公會 牧愛長者之家






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