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Karma KM-S35

Karma KM-S35

Karma KM-S35 腳踏可打開,方便他人協助轉換位置 快拆式大後輪設計,可輕易把後輪拆除,方便更換輪軑及收藏運送 腳踏可打開,方便他人協助轉換位置 專利S型座位設計,有效地把壓力平衡分佈

Price: HK$6,800
Model: Karma KM-S35
Manufacturer: Oasis
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  • Armrest easy to flip-back, height adjustable on armrest and footrest
  • Footrest hanger design swings inward & outward for added convenience
  • S-Ergo system provides pressure relief, stabilization and reduces sliding
  • Quick release rear wheels design


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Features in details

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame provides lightweight structure
  • S-Ergo system provides pressure relief, stabilization and reduces sliding
  • AEGIS Microbe Shield permanently bonded Antimicrobial barrier upholstery protects from odor, stain and deterioration from bacteria, fungus and other Microorganism
  • Quick release rear wheels design, easy to replace the rear and carry
  • 24" rear wheels for self-propelled models
  • Double seat back cushion, clean and replace friendly
  • The flip-back adjustable armrests can make bed transfers easier
  • Footrest hanger design allows for easy transfer in and out of the chair.
  • Height adjustable armrests and footrest, flexible for different height user
  • Extra thick foam cushion and wider arm pad offer extra support and the new arm tube design allows easier movement
  • Folding backrest, easy to storage and carry
  • Air rear wheel to increase wheel flexibility.
  • 5 years warranty on frame and 1 year on brake



  • Overall Width: 65 cm
  • Overall Height: 97 cm
  • Overall Length: 108 cm
  • Seat Width: 46 cm
  • Seat Depths: 40 cm
  • Backrest Height: 40 cm
  • Seating Height 50 cm
  • Armrest Height: 22 cm
  • Front Caster Size: 7"
  • Rear Wheel Size: 24"
  • Weight Capacity: 225 lbs.
  • Weight: 14.5 kg
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都是輪椅, 為何要選輪椅王?

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