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Karma KM-50

Karma KM-50

Karma KM-50 備有小輪型號,更加细小 防塵結構動力棒上升輔推,下躺減震 頭靠枕頭可以調較高低,協助保持坐姿 now we have small rear wheel 收合後節省空間,便於收藏及外出攜帶 介護剎功能,增加使用的安全性 橫向支撐桿,使背墊平直不崩塌

Price: HK$7,800
Model: Karma KM-50
Manufacturer: Karma
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  • Back rest reclines allows for infinite adjustments up to 180°
  • Foldable frame with anti-tippers
  • Detachable and elevate footrests
  • Detachable headrest convenience for folding wheelchair


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Features in details

  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame provides lightweight structure
  • AEGIS Microbe Shield permanently bonded Antimicrobial barrier upholstery protects from odor, stain and deterioration from bacteria, fungus and other Microorganism
  • 24" rear wheels for self-propelled models
  • Auxiliary brakes offer extra safety , better control on slopes
  • Double seat back cushion, clean and replace friendly
  • Back rest reclines allows for infinite adjustments up to 180°
  • The adjustable armrests can make bed transfers easier
  • Footrest hanger design allows for easy transfer in and out of the chair
  • Detachable and elevate footrests flexible for different height user
  • Extra thick foam cushion and wider arm pad offer extra support and the new arm tube design allows easier movement
  • Detachable headrest convenience for folding wheelchair and storage
  • Anti-Trippers for more safety
  • Total weight only 20.0 kg
  • 5 years warranty on frame and 1 year on brake



  • Overall Width: 64 cm
  • Folded Width: 44 cm
  • Overall Height: 93 cm (without headrest)/ 123 cm (with headrest)
  • Overall Length: 122 cm
  • Seat Width: 43 cm
  • Seat Depths: 42 cm
  • Backrest Height: 45 cm
  • Seating Height 51 cm
  • Armrest Height: 22 cm
  • Front Caster Size: 8"
  • Rear Wheel Size: 24"
  • Weight Capacity: 100 kg
  • Weight: 20 kg
都是輪椅, 為何要選輪椅王?

都是輪椅, 為何要選輪椅王?

1.  於輪椅王可使用醫療券



 2. 現貨真正最多最齊








3.   駐場註冊職業治療師




4.  正版正貨商號











1.     維修中心不在店內?

  若手推輪椅壊了, 要數天才能運至維修中心, 來來回回動輒數週才能送回給客人;更甚者電動輪椅壞了要運回國內维修

  Vs 輪椅王發售及維修中心都在觀塘同一地方, 維修特快。


2.    保養不包零件?

 某些店舖只包維修費, 零件不包, 在維修時引起爭議。

 Vs 輪椅王所有輪椅均有最少1年上下手剎零件保養及支架保養。




3.     電動輪椅送貨時沒有講解?

  某些店舖在送車時純粹用Call台叫車送運輪椅, 沒有跟車講解保養及指導使用, 其後只補回Whatsapp講解如何運作。

  Vs 輪椅王電動輪椅均在送貨時有專人講解保養及維修, 教導使用方法包括輪椅檢測功能正常, 完成後客人簽署確認, 才完成收貨程序。


4.     產地的語言偽術?

  某些店舖在品牌前加上國家名稱, 令人誤會是某國的產品

  Vs 輪椅王清晰指出每部輪椅的產地, 不會誤導。

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